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The keen aspect od Strategy is to have Focus, Growth , Sustainable and Enviorment variables build into a business model.

We help you to evaluate your strategy through various management models like SWOT, PEST, Porter Core Competence Analysis,Porters Five Force,Porters Generic Strategy and Scenario Analysis.

We help you create a comprehensive Corporate Business plan and advice on long term capital structure with tax efficency.

We help in all type of legal documentation and compliances.We review your shareholders agreement in line with your business needs

We can represent you in India and help you find the right partner and be your guide for Indian side of your business.

Business Growth Advisory

Your situation or needs How we can help
What Management Strategy to device and evaluate ? Strategy evaluation through various business models.
How do we enter a new market? Market entry strategies-Offshore business strategy development – we can handle your Indian Entry point by representing you and developing the right partner base in India. Also advice you on entry into Singapore and Dubai.
What is our Value ? Help you evaluate current Business Value and Future Valuation based on Financials and other parameters.
Need for expansion funding? Capital and debt raising – Represent various Investment Bankers, Investors and Bankers as part of your team.
Wanting to buy plant and machinery or your own premises? Evaluate Asset acquisition decision, help in evaluting lease or buy options.
Looking to expand through acquisition or sell-off a no-longer wanted or needed subsidiary? Business acquisition and divestment, groom your business for sale , Merger and Acquisition.
Poor IT system performance? Designe an IT Roadmap Strategy, Help evaluate and implement ERP,Review and improve/upgrade your IT systems operational efficieny.

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