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We understand that every company requires a CFO perspective irrespective of its size if it believes in Growing and Sustaining its business long term. Virtual CFO offers you the services of a regular CFO even when the size of the business is small and requires nurturing.

Our first focus is to understand your business model.

Once we have understood your business together we can create Business plan along with financial forecast, Setting Milestones and measuring parameters tangible and intangible.

We step in as your trusted CFO and help you represent the organization to Bankers, Investors and Clients for current and future business needs as part of your core team.

We as your CFO help you in Controlling, analyzing, planning, and implementation of your Business and Financial plans.

We can manage your business from the start-up phase to planning and managing an IPO.

We help you meet the CFO challenges on compliances and risk management.

Virtual CFO offers a full range of financial management services:

Your situation or needs How we can help
Want to create a Business Plan or Evaluate a business model ? Creation of Business plan for the Enterprise, Investor and Bankers.
Understanding and setting up Measurable Milestone for tangible and intangible aspects of the business.
Creating well defined cost and profit centers for monitoring progress.
Do you want to analyse your performance under various parameters ? Monthly, quarterly or semi-annual management reporting.
Reports on Cash Flow Management, Future Cash Forecast.
Working capital Management,
Measurement of Milestones (Predefined Tangible and Intangible).
What to analyse your accounting records ? Analysis of Accounting reports, Sales, Purchases, Receivables, Payables and General administration and overall cost.
Insight into various Statutory compliance ? Finalisation of Annual accounts, Consolidation Accounting and Tax Liability calculation,Advance tax calculation,
Poor structure leading to high cost of debt or problems with working capital? Balance sheet restructuring.
Future IPO Planning ? Credit Rating ? Gearing the Company towards a possible IPO and monitoring the Financials on standard market parameters. Analysing Credit Rating Requirements.

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